Make remote work feel less remote

ehlo is a virtual workplace for remote teams that recreates the benefits of the physical office wherever you are.


Works seamlessly across all your workflows

Make your team feel more informed and included

ehlo combines and communicates everything going on in your company so everyone is more aware of what is going.

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Interact 10x faster

ehlo seamlessly integrates with your desktop which allows nearly instantaneous interactions. ehlo is intrusive when you need it to be and discrete when you don't.

No more awkward emails/DM's or waiting around for replies.

Communicate up to 5x more frequently

By making it easy to interact, ehlo enables the short quick conversations we're used to having, enabling our users communicate up to 5x more frequently than before. 

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Cross Platform

Works natively on macOS, Windows and Linux

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Don't miss important conversations

ehlo informs you of the conversations happening in your company so the right people are always included.

* works with Zoom and ehlo meetings, other platforms coming soon

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Stop wasting time in meetings

ehlo allows you to dynamically invite people during meetings as and when they are needed, so you no longer have to have to be there "just in case" or schedule another meeting to add someone else.

No more waiting around

ehlo accurately tracks a users status so you know whether they are likely to respond to you immediately.

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Build Company Culture

Monkey see, monkey do. ehlo's always visible UI enables communal behaviour and allows you to build company culture again.




Free for up to 8 users

Best for small companies or teams that want to try out ehlo.

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Get in touch for a custom quote

For teams > 250 users or that require a custom setup

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"Ehlo allows us to communicate more with less scheduled meetings. This helped the team be more connected and improved productivity and morale."

"Ehlo is a game changer for collaboration. It has dramatically improved our workflows and has sped up how quickly we can review and iterate on projects."